Gnosall Walks

Hollies Common


Distance: Approx 2.5 miles Time: About 1 hour - 1 hour 30 mins

Start: By the play area next to the Acres Open spaces off Brookhouse Road

Standing with your back to the play area and the Acres, walk up onto the path which runs around the back of the houses (so that you are above the track which leads to the sports club), and follow it around, first through Knightley Way and then Shelmore Way, until, on the corner of a field, you see a stile on your left.

Cross the stile and follow the field edge with the hedge on your right, until you reach the corner where there is a gate next to a fast flowing brook. Cross or go through the gate (remembering to close it afterwards as sometimes there are cows in the field), and go straight across the next field to reach a gate (usually open) and a stile. Cross the gate/stile onto the end of a lane, but instead of following the lane off to your right go to another gate and stile immediately in front of you. (Take care passing here as both the gate and stile are in a poor state of repair at the time of writing). Follow the field ahead with the hedge on your right, until you see a stile on your right.

Cross the stile and then turn left to pass through the next field, keeping the hedge on your left and ignoring the open way into the adjacent field, until you reach a stile in the far left corner. Cross this stile, and again keep ahead with the hedge on your left. As you approach the corner you will see a white house ahead of you (Timbersbrook Cottage). Cross the stile on your left which is nearly in the corner of the field, turn immediately right to climb another stile into the driveway of Timbersbrook Cottage. Turn right and exit by the gate (again closing it behind you to respect the owners property) to emerge onto the lane.

Turn left along the lane to walk towards the houses at Hollies Common. After you have gone past September Cottage on your left and a paddock with open wooden fencing to your right, you will see a pool on your right alongside a grey house. Walk right to pass by the pool (which will be now be on your left) to walk to a stile in the hedge. Cross the stile to emerge into a field.

Walk straight across the field, as you climb the slight hill you will see a house in front of you, and to the left of the house an iron gate. Go through the gate and close it again to emerge onto a lane. Turn right and walk down the lane, passing two large houses on your left and then a farm, to eventually after about three quarters of a mile reach the junction with Knightley Road.

Turn right to walk along Knightley road. You can then return to your starting point by either taking the first right to walk down Brookhouse Road to reach the play area, or by continuing along Knightley Road to its junction with Audmore Road, and then turning right to walk through the village centre right down to the mini roundabout on the main road, and then turning right into Brookhouse Road.



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