Gnosall Walks

Gnosall Village and the Audmore Loop

Distance: Approx 2 miles Time: Approx 1 hour

Start: By the Horns public house in the High Street


From the Horns, cross the road to pass between the post office and off licence to walk up Sellman Street, passing St Lawrence Church on your right hand side.

Continue along this same road as it turns into Glebe Lane (Sellman Street itself turns right to go to the main road). Follow Glebe Lane until you reach a cross roads with Greenfields to your left and Manor Road to your right. Go straight across, continuing along Glebe Lane, past some large houses until you reach the end of the road.

Turn right along the lane, you are now on the "Audmore Loop" or "Horseshoe" as some locals call it. An unusual road as it forms almost a perfect circle and returns back to its original starting point. Follow the lane right the way around in an anti-clockwise direction, passing the impressive Audmore House on your right. As you approach Audmore farm you will see, in the field to your right, the wreck of a metal structure lying on it's side. These are the remains of the Gnosall Wind Pump, which allegedly was used to pump the water away from the small brook and back up to the top of the field where it was stored, Just after you have passed Audmore Farm on your left you will walk past some houses and cottages to come to a junction with a little green in the middle of it.

Turn right here to walk back to the main Audmore road, and then turn left to walk back into the village centre, returning to your starting point.


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