Gnosall Walks

Gnosall's Railway History

Distance: Approx 2 miles Time: 50 mins to 1 hour

Start: The allotments car park


From the allotments car park, walk towards the old railway which is above you, and climb one of the two steep and sometimes muddy but thankfully short slopes onto the course of the old railway. (in very wet or muddy conditions or for those unable to make the short climb the first part of the walk can be made by following the lane to the main road).

Turn left along the path. This is the course of the former Stafford to Newport and Shrewsbury railway which closed in the 1960's. At its peak it was a busy line which saw not only local trains travelling along it but also larger passenger trains and freight trains making their way to Shrewsbury and beyond into Central Wales. Despite the narrowness of the path nowadays it was actually a double track railway all the way from Stafford to Newport.

After a few yards the path widens, this is the site of the former Gnosall goods yard. The small hillocks in the middle of the space would of course not existed prior to the railway's closure.

At the end descend the steps to the main road. Cross the road, go through the kissing gate and climb the steps to once again rejoin the railway. The bridge which formerly crossed the road here was demolished in the 1970's. You are now on the site on the Gnosall railway station, which when open was a neat little station with two platforms, covered waiting area's and gardens along the platforms. Although nothing remains of the platforms if you look carefully to your left in the undergrowth you can see by the shape of the land where they would have been.

Continue along the railway for a few hundred yards. As you approach a bridge over the railway take a path leading up the lane to the left alongside the bridge, to climb the stile and emerge onto Lowfield Lane.

Turn left along Lowfield Lane, passing the school on your left. When you reach the main road, turn right and then quickly left into Sellman Street. Walking towards the church of St Lawrence. Turn left into the church yard and follow the path around to the right to the far side of the church, which brings you back onto Sellman Street.

Turn left to walk down to the village High Street, where you can then turn left to walk back through the village, past the mini roundabout on the main road to return once again to the allotments car park.


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