PC World vs World

The main Computer retailer is overpriced or so say Intel. This slows down sales of software, Intel chips. and ancillary equipment in Britain. Not to mention it hurts the pockets of normal people just wanting to become part of the Global Village.

What about small outlets and computer fairs. Are they trustworthy and as easy to use as PC World. Well that's the secret of PCW. PCW are far more user friendly to the vast majority, (well maybe not to their pockets). Small computer companies and computer fairs are OK for 'nerds' but for the real shopper with his credit card and his lack of knowledge (just less then the PC World shop assistants!) prefer to have that comfort of being in a large open space with lots to choose, and most important of all, other shoppers with equal lack of knowledge.

Small retail outlets frighten the average person, who don't like being in a position where they are not in control. To be told they need a one gigaflop with that SIMM bus just puts them in a state of awe but not in a state for buying. Much prefer the shop assistant who struggles even with the English language so that he, the buyer, can impress them with the fact that he knew who Bill Gates is... and then goes to buy a PC with Lotus SmartSuite bundled in with the price.

The thing is, you can go in PCW and not buy anything. You can walk around the store and just keep saying no to the shop assistant who comes up to you to ask if you need assistance, and you can say it without any conscience. But if you went into a small PC shop, you mean business don't you, you didn't go there just to browse, otherwise you would have gone to PCW, so you have no defense. So better not go.

The 'easy' payment terms at PCW get more inviting the more you go in, until one day you are just in the mood and regrettably buy.

Apparently there is a PC retailer in Gnosall. Has anyone gone to him? Why not? Oh, the power of advertising. Of course we are all not affected but….

By the way does anyone know what a nerd really is, and the underlying reason why people don't like being associated with the name.. No it's not a shy, lovelorn techy It actually originated from 'Ne'er do well' or never do well.

Strange, that this is associated with anyone who uses a computer. Oh, the power of stereotyping

R.G. Alker

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